Fixtape Friday: Smoking Jacket
February 18th, 2011 |

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming… to bring you something a little bit different this week. A spanking new dubstep mix (Dub Sandwich 2: The Second Helping) by Hecubus that will leave your bare ass heated and glowing. I like this guy. I do. You should too.

Do not avoooooooid the hounds of hell!

Do not avoooooooid the beasts of brimstone!

Do not avoooooooid the puppies… of… purgatory.

You must always embrace? the hellfire! Hellfire! Hellfire!

Latest tracks by HecubusMIXES

The Others – “100 Dollar Bills”
Dojah – “Thunderkuff”
Rob Sparx vs. Maverick – “Windscreen Sniper”
Bassnectar – “Kingston Town” (remix)
Smash Dubs – “Police In Helicopter” (bootleg)
DJ Madd – “Not Afraid”
F & Headhunter – “Dedale”
Seven – “Wait”
Secret Artists – ??? (white label)
Hatcha vs. Lost – “Get Up And Rock”
Dubtek – “Smoke”
Pawn & Emu – “Know Ya Self”
Dubtek feat. Monch – “Visionary”
Chasing Shadows – “Flashing Lights”
Amp Fiddler – “If I Don’t” (version 2)
Unknown Artist – “Sunshine” (bootleg)
Distance – “Nomad” (Scuba remix)
Rob Sparx – “Bloodbath”
Vex’d – “3rd Choice” (Loefah remix)
Matty G – “Turf Wars”
J: Kenzo – “Tekno Bass”
Bonobo – “Eyes Down” (Warrior One remix)

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Comment from ravi
Time: February 19, 2011, 2:06 pm

But dubstep is horribleeeee

Comment from p.Tone
Time: February 23, 2011, 4:19 pm

Nah, it’s good with cereal.

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