Lets take a minute to note that Headnodic and his fellow musical humans with instruments dropped The Iguana (Listen/Buy) (limited vinyl), an almagest on bedroom-eyes,  galactic adventures, and the exotic future we’re still imagining. Contemplating, biding it’s time, a masterful escape artist The Iguana is a rejection of disposable junk and within it exists the reason why unification was and is a revolutionary movement, and that’s because a whole is greater than its parts. And with that metric it becomes clear that as the lizard’s practice of shedding its skin is a symbol for regeneration, The Iguana also represents the growth of Hednodic as a cultivated musician. More that a homage to a collection of sounds; The Iguana can and does stand on its own. Highly Recommended.

Armed with years of experience as a Hip-Hop producer, Headnodic brings ALL of his influences to the studio for The Iguana. A full menu of styles from his years of crate digging are evident; jazz fusion, prog rock, Brazilian funk, psychedelic soul, and early electronic sounds. The result is exactly what the composer and producer intended – a musical time traveling exploration into the furthest reaches of rhythm and melody.

Kat O1O: Crumar Orchestrator, Moog & Casiotone202
Headnodic: Production & Moog
Max MacVeety: Drums
Valentino P.: Percussion, & Steel Pans


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